the 4 Bridges Arts Festival depends upon YOU 

By demonstrating that Chattanoogans support the arts in very tangible ways, you have spread the word to artists across the country that 4 Bridges is a quality arts  festival.  This is proven by the Festival being named a "PRIME 50 Fine Arts Fairs" in the U.S. by Art Fair Sourcebook. By becoming a 4 Bridges Patron, you enable the Festival to attract the best artists. Simply, we ask our patrons to commit to pre-purchasing art by becoming a Collector or an Advocate of 4 Bridges.


Details soon


2017 Collector Patrons


Kent Magee

Tom and Kristina Montague

Dr. Ronald Rhatigan and Pauline Kosanovich

Alice and Alfred Smith

Alice Smith

Bobby Stone

Ted and Juanita Tumelaire

Adman Electric, Inc.

Pat and Nina Brock

Bob and Dawn Bullard

Blair Carter

Ward and Ashley Davenport

Marcia Easton

Kim Gavin

Charles and Ruby Key

Charles and Betty Lebovitz

2017 Advocate Patrons

Bill and Ann Aiken

Carley Boehm

Brooke Bradley-King

John and Mary Beth Bode

Wade and Brenda Brickhouse

Charlie and Lisa Brock

Ben and Betsy Cake

Hacker and Kitty Caldwell

Lisa Carkner

Austin Center

Jerry and Beth Daugherty

Gordon and Kristy Davenport

Bob and Linda Farnsworth

Buddy and Sally Faulkner

William and Deborah Haisten

Jay and Ellen Heavilon

Hal and Debbie Hembree

John Hetzler

James and Stephanie Hudson

Mattias Jannerbo

Nancy Jolley

Julian and Mary Elizabeth Kaufman

Bill and Mary Kilbride

Dr. Charles and Charlotte Landis

Alan and Alison Lebovitz

Stephen Lepley

Howard and M.J. Levine

Jacqueline Marschak

Chris and Suzanne Maxwell

Spence Misner

Darrell and Claudia Moore

David and Virginia Polley

Marcy Porter

Richard and Jean Rogers

Perry Sherrell

Larry and Debbie Stone

Patrick and Julie Stowe

Kim White

Jo Ann Yates

Derryberry Public Relations

2017 Friends of 4 Bridges

Jeffrey Boehm

Liz and Frank Grant

Helen Pregulam

Michael Taylor