Maybe we got a few little happy bushes here, just covered with snow. In nature, dead trees are just as normal as live trees. If you don't think every day is a good day - try missing a few. You'll see. You have to make almighty decisions when you're the creator. If you don't like it - change it. It's your world. It's so important to do something every day that will make you happy.

You have to make these big decisions. We artists are a different breed of people. We're a happy bunch. We'll take a little bit of Van Dyke Brown. We spend so much of our life looking - but never seeing. Just go out and talk to a tree. Make friends with it.

It just happens - whether or not you worried about it or tried to plan it. This is unplanned it really just happens. How to paint. That's easy. What to paint. That's much harder. A happy cloud.