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Annual Black History Exhibit: The Modern Day Paris Exposition

Exhibit: January 14 – February 23

In 1900, W.E.B. Du Bois traveled to the Paris Exposition with the goal of educating people on the current conditions of Blacks in America by exhibiting photographs, charts, diagrams, and figures. Instead of presenting the stats in a predictable form, the information was fused with artistry & color, leading to visuals resembling the works of renown artists such as Piet Mondrian and Anne Truitt. Du Bois' production earned him a gold medal at the Exposition and resulted in media coverage throughout Europe and the U.S., fulfilling his purpose of raising awareness. Our upcoming exhibition will be a modern day version of Du Bois' historic one, sharing the goal to captivate and educate. 

Artists: Amy Ball, Julie Bauer, Jasmine Burson, Elena Burykina, Sean Clark, Jonathan Dean, Selena Ferrer, Cecilia Gainaru, Khambrel Green, Donté Hayes, Charles Pinckney, Andrew Travis