Current Exhibit

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AVA Main Gallery


Exhibition highlighting the artistry and reality of graphic design with Chattanooga American Institute of Graphic Arts

May 4 - May 25

Designers go through a lot of iterations of marks, typefaces, colors, etc. to create the perfect brand for clients, only to have them change it or disagree. Just because the client doesn’t go for it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful- which is why CHA AIGA has partnered with us to exhibit the "best worst logos" in this May installation "NO GO LOGO." 


Landis Gallery

NO GO LOGO Students

May 4 - May 25

*The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public. 



AVA has two gallery spaces within its home location on the North Shore

Exhibits rotate throughout the year in a full range of mediums. AVA's Main Gallery is Supported by the First Tennessee Foundation. AVA's Landis Student Gallery is Supported by the George R. Family Foundation and Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union.