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AVA's Best of Show Solo Member Marc Boyson Exhibition:

"Our Land is Your Land is My Land"

Exhibit: December 1 – January 5


Artist Talk with Marc Boyson

December 12th from 6PM-7:30PM

Join us at AVA for an artist talk with Marc Boyson. Marc will be discussing how he observes the space between places and thinking about them within three different modes. First through invention by the act of mapping, second through memory, and lastly through analog/digital records of his movements. Marc's work is more conceptually based thinking about the trace we leave behind as we move through the world.

Artist Statement:
As a child, I remember going on long car rides on weekends. I have fond memories watching the scenery go outside the passenger window. This joy of exploring with a car continued as I began to drive, taking up the weekend jaunt on my own, exploring roads never traveled before, with no apparent destination in mind. This contrast of moving through space with freedom now confined to the chronic route of the daily commute is a part of my practice. The cartographic trace refers to the invisible line of autobiographical data revealing my daily journey however small, over a surface, between buildings, to work, errands, day trips, or longer excursions, the everyday as art. The question I seek to answer through memory, intuition, and digital recording is: how can I manifest the ordinary act of the cartographic trace into the beautiful.



Boyd-Buchanan School Exhibition:

"A Christmas Story"

December 1 – January 5

Where: AVA Gallery, 30 Frazier Avenue

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and first Saturday of the month, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.