AVA All Member Salon Show

October 27, 2017 - November 18, 2017

Submission Day: October 21

Opening Reception: November 3, 2017

Work Pick-up: November 20 - 22


AVA's All Member Salon Show is an annual exhibition meant to highlight as many of our artist members as possible. This is a non-juried show that will encompass the wide variety of artistry AVA has on it's roster. The Salon Show is only open to current AVA members. All 2D and 3D works will be accepted as long as they abide by the submission rules. 


This call is open to AVA members. There is no submission/application fee for this exhibition. All mediums are allowed. Artists must be members of good standing prior to submission.


Limitation & Restrictions

1) All artwork must be original.

2) 2D artworks must have a hanging system. Sculptures must also have a hanging system (if suspended) or a secure base, and weigh no more than 100 lbs.

3) AVA handles all sales transactions and receives a 30% commission from all gallery sales.

4) All shipping or hand delivery and return of work for exhibition is the responsibility of the artist.

5) AVA reserves the right to reject works that are misrepresented in the submission process or are not properly outfitted to display in the gallery.


Submission Requirements

1.) Artwork must be physically delivered to AVA on October 21st between 10am & 1pm. There is no other time to submit.

2.) Artwork must be prepared for hanging/display. Work that is not ready to hang/be displayed will not be installed.

3.) 2D works cannot exceed 24" x 24", and 3D works cannot exceed 3ft in any direction. 

4.) One piece per artist will be accepted.

5.) Must be a member of good standing prior to submission.


Submitting your work indicates that you have read and understand all guidelines and criterion contained within this prospectus. You understand that if accepted, it will be your responsibility to deliver your work to the AVA Gallery ready for hanging and on time, concurrent with any schedules given to you upon acceptance. All works are insured while on AVA’s premises.

For more information regarding this exhibit or other AVA programming, visit http://www.avarts.org or contact the Chief Curator, Kreneshia Whiteside, at kwhiteside@avarts.org or 423.265.4282.

No person will be excluded from participation in or otherwise subjected to discrimination in regards to services, programs and employment, provided by the Association for Visual Arts based on color, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion.


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